Quality Hancarved Fu Lion, Foo Dog, Fu Dog Statues




We are the only company in Australia specialising in life size and larger, hand carved stone statuary. Therefore, we offer the largest inventory at the best prices. Founded in 2006, Garden Karma has been bringing exquisite sculptures to our customers for over 5 years.

Our employees love to travel and enjoy working with the artisans and merchants first hand, thus all of our statues are personally chosen by our experienced staff. The statues are shipped directly to our gallery in Adelaide which allows us the ability to offer quality statues, professional communication, and peace of mind in logistical handling that may be unavailable when working with sellers overseas.

At Garden Karma it is our goal to bring about positive change in people's lives. We are achieving this goal by providing people with magnificent statues, statues that not only add something special to any space, but statues that are also bridging cultural and economic gaps. Garden Karma is unique in that we work directly with the artisans and people within the communities where we purchase our statues in an effort to promote the principles of Fair Trade, while at the same time ensuring that our statues are of the highest quality available.

We are working with our customers to make sure that they are purchasing a statue which will represent something meaningful in their lives. We are able to bring you statues that are of an extremely rare size and quality in Australia, therefore, we offer you something that is as extraordinary as the individual purchasing it, and as exceptional as the one who created it.

Many of the statues that can be found in the market are casts, that is, they are a concrete mould which is then painted on the outside and remains concrete colour on the inside. Though these types of statues are often inexpensive, they are quite soft and when they chip, crack, or break, you are left with a very dull concrete colour. Although cast statues may be a fine alternative for smaller pieces indoors, if you are looking for a high quality piece of art, nothing compares to hand carved stone.

We currently sell statues made from various different types of stone: black lava stone and white lava stone each one offering its own unique qualities.